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How To Get Rid Of Horse Flies In and Around Your Home

Posted on 17th March 2011 in Uncategorized

How To Get Rid Of Horse Flies At Home

Horse flies are endlessly annoying creatures and we all know about that. Not only do the insects administer particular painful bites when they feel like it, the pests are also known vectors of many diseases including swamp fever and equine sleeping sickness and they also cause many allergies, some more serious than others. If you happen to own a horse, the very least you need to do is make sure the animal is comfortable at your place and you also need to protect yourself from things such as insects. To learn how to get rid of horse flies, read on. This article covers all you need to consider for effective DIY horse fly control.

How to get rid of horse flies with proper sanitation

Horse manure is perhaps the largest single factor for the heavy occurrence of horse fly problems so if you suspect you are having a fly infestation on your property, maybe now would be the ideal time for you to practice daily collection of horse manure instead of leaving the task pending for days on. You might also want to invest in an adequate and properly designed manure collection area to reduce or rather control the house fly population on your property.

How To Get Rid Of Horse Flies By Promoting Fly Control

Weeds and tall grasses promote the survival of flies for the simple reason that the locations provide a cool and moist habitat for fly nests. In general, if you own a horse or any other animal as such then you need to pay particular attention to the maintenance of your property. Trim grasses regularly and make sure unnecessary weeds are disposed of. This will help to discourage nesting and in turn, you will notice a reduction in their number on your property.

How to get rid of horse flies using traps

It has been demonstrated time and again over the years that trapping is the most effective fly control method. Horse fly control is not exception to the above rule. If you believe you are having an infestation at home then using attractant traps for their eradication on your property might be a good idea. The basic consideration when learning how to get rid of horse flies using trapping is placement. Traps only work when positioned correctly. In general, traps work best when placed near breeding sites or recreation areas.

How to get rid of horse flies using the big guns

Last but not least, as you most probably already know, whatever you do, you cannot hope to vindicate all the flies on your property unless you use the big guns of the pest control industry. For effective horse fly control, you will a number of chemical pest control products including sprays, aerosols as well as toxic insecticides with residual activity. If you are in search of your perfect pest control products, look no more. Visit the products of PestMall. You will find everything in one place.

Horse Fly Control: Easy Do-It-Yourself Remedies

Posted on 25th January 2011 in Horse Fly Control

Horse flies (also known as a horsefly), as the name blatantly suggests, are flies that essentially bother horses and maybe sometimes other animals such as cattle and that kind of thing. Horse flies, by definition, are much bigger as compared to the other contemporary flies we know of. When they bite, the resulting injury can prove to be exceptionally hurtful, not to mention troublesome. To give you a taste of things, a single horse fly bite can turn a generally mellow horse into an indescribable bucking frenzy, which can be quite bad. Having said that, am pretty sure you can guess why it sometimes becomes really important to consider some serious horse fly control treatments if you happen to own farm with horses, cattle and other such animals living on it.

Normally, horse fly control is not much of a challenge, but not if you know what to do and when to do it. Horse fly control basically includes two essential practices namely the use of what are known as fly repellents and the application of horse fly control management practices, things you will learn about by the end of this article.

Horse fly control repellents

Horse fly repellents are today very common chemicals readily available offline as well as online, so very technically, you are literally a few clicks away from some serious horse fly control treatments if you happen to have an infestation on your property. Normally, if you purchase a good repellent product, treatment will only consist of spraying the chemical on your horse to make sure the offensive horse flies are kept at bay. Alternatively, it is generally acknowledged that you can create your own horse fly repellent at home rather successfully. Many people are known to have done so. One of the most popular recipes is as follows. If you take half a teaspoon of what is known as myrrh oil and mix it with 2 cups of water, half a cup of apple cider vinegar and like a quarter of a teaspoon of citronella oil, it should turn out to be a perfect horse fly control repellent. It is also believed that adding like a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to your horse’s feed on a daily basis helps. This is because this makes the horse smell slightly like vinegar, a scent most horse flies detest.

Horse fly control management

Obviously, any horse fly control repellent will only do so much as keeping the horse flies on your property away from your horses. It will hardly achieve anything towards actually eradicating the infestation. For effective horse fly control, you will need to undertake some management practices such as maintaining hygiene around your farm as you should be doing. For starters, you might want to rid yourself of any standing water you entertain on your property. Dump and clean your rain barrens as often as possible, particularly in spring and towards fall. Dispatch of any container that might store water for these are the places horse flies look for to breed when the time is appropriate for them. Last but not least, re-direct your drainage in low-lying spots or fill them. Horse flies love these spots and having them on your property is pretty much something of an encouragement really. You don’t want to go about inviting horse flies on your property, do you?